Friday, August 10, 2007

our amazing world of friends

i was very bored today, and coincidentally, random clicking around on the 'net turned into systematic clicking through my orkut testimonials list, and reading the testimonials written for each of my orkut friends. it definitely served to get rid of my boredom, but it also gave rise to this wonderful feeling: the feeling of being surrounded by friends who love each other so much.

it's a truly awesome feeling, that so many people who have spent so little time with each other (a few years of being in college together, in most cases), can be so deeply attached to each other. i don't know if i'm being oversensitive or something, but when i read my friend's testimonials for each other, the affection and care was almost a rope binding us together. it reminded me that friendship isn't just about the many hours we spent together, or the awesome conversations we had, but also the moments we spent silently with each other, just being there, doing our own thing. i feel the true mark of a great friendship is when the silence is no longer uncomfortable, but golden. i'm glad i have so many friends who really fit that definition. i miss many of them too, but i know that we have crossed the point when we could possibly drift apart due to distance or even lack of communication. the only thing left is the wait till we meet again.

it's the same feeling that i get when i'm with my family - no matter how long i'm away from home, it doesn't take even a second to adjust back to being with them. i guess i'm just gonna call my friends my extended family from now on :)

it's awesome having such great friends. you make life worth living. seriously.

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