Thursday, August 23, 2007

dozing on the first bench

i have always had problems staying awake during lectures. my friends can vouch for the endless occasions when they've had to literally cover for me because i was dozing away during the HOD's lecture (thankfully i don't snore too much :P)

still, those were college days. i could always come early and catch a place on the last bench (highly unlikely, but it has happened :D), or come late and make an emotional appeal to my less sleepy friends that they don't need the last bench as much as i do (much more likely :P). these days it's training at work. we get assigned positions. i've been assigned the instructor's nose (give or take a few inches :D)

i hope the instructor didn't hear me snore. he definitely saw me doze away (he doesn't seem farsighted :P). i tried to make up for it by asking questions every minute i was awake. i hope he takes it as a sign that i was not sleeping, but just thinking with my eyes closed. unfortunately, asking too many questions when i'm awake also means that he and the rest of the batch is acutely aware of my 20 minutes of eyes-closed-thought.

i wonder what they think i'm thinking :P

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