Thursday, March 15, 2007

always be sure who you're talking to

this is true. it happened 15 minutes ago. i swear. i'm still red in the face from all the laughing.

i was on the phone with this friend of mine, she was at work. in the middle of our conversation, she puts me on hold. 5 seconds later she answers the phone. here's an account of the conversation:

(f = friend, k = kris a.k.a. me)

f: hello?
k: hi
f: who's speaking?
k: i think you know
f: savio?
k: no
f: (3 or 4 more guys names)?
k:'s me!
f: can i have your name please?
(i thought the caller had hung up before she could answer - happens to me all the time)
k: i forgot my name
f: i'm very sorry but i can't help you if you don't give me my name
k: but i forgot my name!
f: (another half dozen guy's names)
k: no...none of those are my names. you know my name.
f: i'm sorry, but can i have your name please?
k: no! i don't remember my name!
f: ok. are you a customer of xxxxxxxx? do you have any grievance that i can help you with?
k: yes. i have a grievance. i was on the phone, you put me on hold, and now you've forgotten my name!
f: which number are you calling from?
k: i didn't call. you called me. i gave you a missed call and you called me back.
f: who do you wont to speak to?
k: i want to speak to sonu!!!!
f: sony?
k: not sony!!!
f: do you want to speak to sony?
k: no i dont want to speak to sony. i want to speak to sonuuuuuuuu. onuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!
f: sony?
k: wait a sec. don't you know who i am? are you acting? cos that's real good acting.
f: there's no one named sonu here. which company do you want?
k: i want your company. (***this line cracks me up when i just think of it***)
f: (long silence)
k: hello? it's me!!!! what happened?
f: (speaking to someone else in the background)
k: hello...hello?
f: (in her usual voice now) krisu!!!!!!!
k: sonu!!!
f: what were you talking to my boss about for so long?
k: that was your boss???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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