Thursday, March 22, 2007

songs and memories

i love the mp3 player in my cellphone. it plays something like a soundtrack to my life. it allows me to listen to my "favourite song for today" 24x7 (or as long as its battery doesn't run out). so now, i have about 2 years of "favourite songs for today". a few of them were my favourite for a day or so, others for weeks, and a few of them even lasted for a month or two.

the best part about listening to music as i go about my life, is that i can relive that part of my life by just playing the song. it all comes back to me - the sights, the sounds, the feelings and emotions, even the weather.

i'm listening to "you once told me" by andain. i'm in the rain, standing at the door of a (somewhat empty) fast train, my windcheater's in my bag because i'd rather get wet, it's early august 2006, it's almost sunset, i'm on my way home from college. i'm planning my trip to matheran with a certain miss d. i'm in love. i feel warm on the inside even though i'm pretty much drenched and almost shivering on the outside. i'm happy beyond measure. life seems perfect.

dunno who i'm quoting, but "god should have given everyone an iPod inside their head". actually any mp3 player would do as well :)


Loginfailure said...

Totally agree with you about the music... how it makes you relate to the past... :-)

WeirdiSgooD said...

You're quoting a blogfrend of mine...I wish i had Dario G's Sunchyme playing in my head every morning whenever i have to face *noodle*....its facing my fears, and spurring me on to be nasty to her, or just stand up to her...waaaaayyy ooo...I'm trying to sing but ahhh..i wish i had a JUKEBOX inside my head, I'd earn some extra dough on the side see..

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