Sunday, July 22, 2012

silence... i keel you!

first of all, this post is to remind all 10 (okay, a few more) of my readers that silence doesn't mean this blog (or indeed, yours truly) is dead.

it's so easy to post, and it gets easier by the year, but laziness and my misguided ideas of "perfection" stop me. yeah, i know... it sounds funny that i claim this blog aspires to perfection. when i started off, i wrote this blog for myself (mainly because i never really thought anybody'd want to read it), but as the years went by (yes, it's been over 5 years now!) i realized i write for you as much as i do for myself, and some of the stuff i wrote for myself was downright drivel (although, a good friend begs to differ). and she prefered my earlier style, apparently.

anyway, all that is unimportant. what's important is that the blog reflects me.

and i'm not a perfectionist. in fact, i revel in my imperfections.

so here's celebrating my return to blog-imperfection.

or, to put it more into context: more posts, less editing, more arbitrary/meandering stuff. no excuses for bad grammar though (unless you see "alcohol" in the tags :P)

welcome back to the blog of my life. catch you around :)

ps: if you read this, say hi in the comments. that button hasn't been used in a while!


Deep C said...

"hi" ;)

pennylessnick said...

hi - install disuqs for comments. did u know that a dark color on a light background is good for readability ?

krist0ph3r said...

@chheda "hello world!"

@ag i think it's quite the opposite. on CRTs, light backgrounds "bloom" into dark text, but on LCDs, it's the other way around. also, light backgrounds use less power on an LCD...

as for disqus - thanks, will do soon!

Pallav said...

Hi Kris, write more blogposts.

keep rocking and drive lucky ;)

~j~ said...

Since you ordered for a comment, here goes... HI! :)

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