Friday, May 04, 2012

the very very arbit dream

i have strange dreams. but this one takes the cake.

a certain girl and i (can't give more details about the girl, for reasons you'll find out soon - let's just call her "M") had figured out a way to mine the rocks in a certain place (a narrow rocky gorge, near a waterfall, with awesome rock pools all around). and we were mining for (yeah this is the weird part):

a runny bright red liquid to be used to make nailpolish.

that's right. we drilled the rocks, reached the point where we could get at the liquid, took out a bucketful which she tried on her fingernails. (strangely, no memory of how exactly we drilled). and she said it was perfect.

so we fitted on a grey plastic lid to the hole we had drilled (it looked like a slightly enlarged bathroom drain cover), to prevent it from evaporating. anyway, it was evening, about an hour from sunset, so we had to find a place to sleep. it was dark by the time we found an isolated place in the middle of nowhere, a dusty two-room cottage. we had carried a rug, bedsheet, quilt and pillows, which we spread by torchlight and fell asleep.

the next morning, we woke up late. and strangely (again!), the room looked exactly like the hall of my own home! and we were snuggled very cozily under the covers :P

i heard the sound of someone moving in the other room. a woman's voice. a man's voice. the sound of someone washing utensils. but the door was still closed, and our bags seemed untouched.

i nudged M. she awoke, sleepily. i whispered in her ear (yeah, her ear was very near :P) that someone was in the outer room, and we were trapped here.

M: "what on earth are we doing?"
K: "nothing, i just woke up. i can't move. you've like pinned my arm"
(M rolled off to the other side of the rug)
M: (definitely loud enough for those people to hear) "get off me, or everyone a few miles away will know we're here!"

that's when i woke up.

in the same spot i was sleeping in, in my dream.

dad and mom were making breakfast in the next room.


Magali Vaz said...

Haha this is funny. And red nailpolish reminds me of this classmate / once best friend who hated it with passion saying it was cheap & 'only chinks wore it'.

krist0ph3r said...

lol, yeah. also, there's one fact about this dream that i omitted from this post because it'd be too weird to say in public :P

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