Tuesday, May 01, 2012


a lot of people wish for their childhood, wish to go back to their past, when things were "simple" or "different".

whenever i come across a friend in such a frame of mind, i somehow cannot keep silent. i'm always in love with the present, and i feel those who wish for other times, haven't truly realized what they currently have, and what they have gained :)

as i once said:
people who wish for the simplicity of childhood, please remember, those were also the days when your happiness wasn't in your own hands :)

life is a zero sum game. for everything we lose, we gain something else. it is always as perfect as it was, and ever will be :)
that's the problem with going back. the essence of each moment is to prepare yourself for the ones to come. and if that's what you want to do, you're implying you can't see the meaning in your past. and hence, you want to leave a potentially meaningful present, for a definitely meaningless past. it doesn't quite add up for me :)
fine, so you're getting older. you feel time is slipping by. your body and mind can't do what they could before. but that's because they did what they were meant to!

there's nothing wrong with losing control of your body with old age. because you should have gained enough in your mind now, to realize what matters.

as i once said about my (recently-turned-91-years-old) grandma:
she is now too old for irritation, anger, hate, jealousy, and even hunger and sleep. she eats because her body wants to keep going. she sleeps because it feels like it's a perfectly natural thing to do. all that she does voluntarily, is love :)


Magali Vaz said...

I so agree with your reasoning, & I think it's rare. I do wish for simpler times, for times from long before I was born even. I know that the today I have is blessed, but I think that's one flaw of most humans (including me), we can only see the true value of things in hindsight. Something like the Benjamin Button effect.
But I am slowly trying to live more consciously in the present, despite all the silly setbacks I've had recently I know life is good & I am happy.
I really like what you wrote about your grandma. :)

krist0ph3r said...

yeah, so often it feels like i'm fighting a lone battle here. everybody seems happy to wish for things without scratching the surface. glad you see the other side, and are trying to get there :)

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