Tuesday, November 09, 2010

the sardar joke

there's this old sardar joke (okay, before i begin, i have nothing against sardars - and you will know why shortly) that i remembered recently:
a sardar entered a bus, and when the conductor asks him the destination for the ticket, he opened his bag to check his tiffin.

a co-passenger asked him what he was doing. he replied: "i'm checking if i'm going home or to work."

and i was reminded of the joke because...
last sunday, while showering, i was so lost in thought, that i had to smell my armpits to figure if i was starting or finishing with my shower.

ps: sunday holds the record for maximum number of times i've carefully smelled my armpits on any given day. and the number is two. but the rest of that story is for another post, another day :)


Pallav said...

it was not you in the shower, it was your inner sardar.



Anonym said...

you ahve a really nice blogg :)

krist0ph3r said...


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