Monday, November 08, 2010

absence makes the heart grow unFonder

some time last week, i decided i'll stop tweeting till i speak to @bitchwanti. and since i wasn't really feeling like calling her, it was quite clear to me that i'll have to wait for her to call.

so there i was, off twitter. almost.

i must admit, the first day was kinda tough. i got a couple of @replies that i had to ignore, and it felt very alien to me.

by the second day, i didn't really feel like i was missing anything.

on the third day, @bitchwanti promised me she'll call.

she didn't, but i decided i might as well make my reappearance now. a promise is a promise, right? and besides, i was packing for a camping trip to kashid at that time, and i sure as hell didn't want to be breaking my twitter-break while lying under the stars and listening to the waves. didn't want to adulterate *that* sort of a trip.

so i decided to tweet.

frankly, i don't even remember what my first tweet was. only that @hiway happened to be online, and he incorrectly figured that @bitchwanti had called :D

other than that, there was no fanfare whatsoever. and that felt just about right with my perception of twitter.

the weekend at kashid was awesome. and i did speak to @bitchwanti while under the stars and listening to the waves. she didn't adulterate the experience much, thankfully :P

i got back two days later, on saturday night.

and on sunday afternoon, (i slept till 3pm :P), i realized that my thoughts don't fit into 140 characters any more.

which brings me back to my blog.

and which is why, i'm literally pouring blog post ideas out of my ears.

so ladies and gentlemen, here's my lesson: if you want to blog, stop tweeting for a while. let your brain get re-used to thinking big.

and thanks, bitchy! ;)

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