Friday, October 29, 2010


found in my inbox. too epic to not do anything before trashing it. so here it is:
From: shobith mascarenhas <>
To: kristopher@*******.com
Subject: hi

Hi Ranjeeth, trust u guys hv settled in by now. All r well here. Had been to the bank yesterday. I have yr password and login name.
Login name: MERLYN , signon password: V%965666 , transaction password: M%557085. Before your a/c is activated, you will have to send a confirmation email to : If you have any problems logging in, do let me know. I have the login instructions here, will scan and send it to you.
Regarding yr driving licence, I havent recieved the scanned copy. When you get the time you can resend it. Will be going to Delhi in a day or two regarding a proposal. To begin with, I was in Chennai when this proposal came up. The girl and her family are from Mangalore, but presently based in Delhi. They had come to Mangalore for a wedding. Mama, A. Loretta and Mrinal have met her and were quite positive in their feedback. Her name is Richa Pinto and works as a school teacher. ( B.Ed).
She is open to settling down in Mangalore. Ive spoken to her a couple of times. Nothing confirmed yet, will know in a week from now. Will keep you posted.
Convey our love and regards to Merlyn n Myra.

(Master Mariner!!!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Poor guy must have made a mistake.. uve got his password!

too bad no acc no!!

Pallav said...

But why Kris? some poor guy might face a loss if someone misuses this information...

krist0ph3r said...

a guy dumb enough to share his banking username and password, that too in an email, without checking who he's sending it to, clearly deserves it!

ps: remember, i *could* have changed a character here or there before posting it! :D

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