Saturday, September 25, 2010

i can haz one black coffee?

for the past couple of weeks or so, i've been playing this game: asking @oneblackcoffee her phone number in as many funny ways possible. fun stuff. as long as she doesn't give in and give me her number, of course.

cut to thursday night.

i was asleep, and my phone woke me up with some sound.

unfortunately, i was so fast asleep that i couldn't tell what the sound was. so i held the phone up and squinted at it and tried to make sense of what was on the screen. new messages, new emails, new DMs.

i don't remember which of them i selected in my sleep induced haze.

but i remember seeing her number. it started with +91989...

i was so sleepy that i let the phone slip from my hand and fall onto the bed.

except that it missed or slipped off the bed and fell on the ground instead.

i was too sleepy to pick it up, figured i'd hear the alarm from wherever it was anyway.

woke up on friday morning, and eagerly checked my phone.

no new tweets. only new messages and emails, all recieved in the morning.

no DMs.

and no phone number.

i checked all the places i could: twitter on my comp, gmail's archives (i get a mail for every DM). nothing.

turns out i dreamed about getting her number.

but the phone falling off the bed part was real.

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krist0ph3r said...

ps: also, her number starts with +91983...

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