Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my coolest dream (so far)

there are some standard stories from my life that i love to tell all my friends, because i think they're so awesome.

since the whole inception hype is doing the rounds, and since one of my favourite stories is (surprise, surprise!) a dream, i shall save it here for posterity :)

so this happened back in early 2004. my final year college exams were on. since my exams were late in the afternoon (3:30pm to be precise), i used to stay up studying all night, and sleep from 6am till noon or so, and then leave straight for my exams.

one of those days (i forgot which paper it was, but me being a maths major it definitely was maths :D), i overslept. when i woke up, it was bright and sunny outside, and the light was entering the room (which suggests it's way past noon - my room faces west).

i sleep in such a place, that if i look upwards while lying in bed, i can see the clock upside down.

i looked at the clock. it said 2:30pm.

college is an hour and a half long commute away.

i jumped up, freaking out.

and then dad said that it's just 10:30am, and i was looking at the clock upside down.

so i went back to sleep.

and as i closed my eyes, i realized it was a dream.

so i opened my eyes again.

the sun was still shining into the room.

i looked at the clock.

it said 2:30pm.

i freaked out, jumped out of the bed. dad was there.

he said it's still 10:30am.

i realized i was still dreaming.

i opened my eyes again.

this time, i just sat up and looked at the clock instead of looking at it upside down.

it was 10:30am.

dad wasn't there.

i called out to him and asked how many times i woke up before this.

he said: none.

i didn't dare go back to sleep again that day.


Pallav said...

jesus man, that's twisted.

very twisted.


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