Tuesday, July 20, 2010


a study reveals that 302 is the perfect number of facebook friends to have.

I'd find it hard to keep my facebook friend list down to even 500. it's currently at 750 and still going up. i'm not sure if i could be classified as a "needy" person, but i'm the sorta guy who's always interested in people. i find people fascinating. i find the things they do fascinating. i don't really "keep in touch" with a subset of my facebook friends. i just reed/see whatever pops up on my home page when i log in.

each of those 750 people are someone i either know in real life, or want to meet in real life.

i have around 20 close friends at any point of time in my life. 20 may seem like a large number, but most of them fall under 3 groups of friends who each hang out together. but each of my close friends that i'm no longer in touch with is still my friend, because i know them well, i trust them, and i enjoy being with them (except that i can't because i have to divide my time, and i can't handle any more friends). so i have around 100 friends who fall in this category. they're friends who i'm not in touch with, but at any time i could start spending more time with them and they'd be my close friend again.

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Pallav said...

i try to keep my friend total somewhere around 69. That's a balanced number. I don't think i'll be very comfortable with some 100+ friends, or people i don't know too tell on facebook. Ideal number be dammed.


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