Sunday, April 04, 2010

un-survival instincts

i have this habit of keeping stuff in my bike's dashboard. tonight, it was a largish book that just about fit.

i was riding home from mich's place with the book jammed into the dash best i could. which actually seemed rather snugly jammed in, to be honest.

till i hit a bump and it flew out.

what happened next is beyond my comprehension.

i took both my hands off the handles, grabbed the book while braking with my foot pedal, and put the book back in. while the bike was still getting out of the bump.

i could have done it easily with just one hand.

the book was resting nicely on my lap, so i could have waited to get out of the bump and then some.

braking could have actually make things worse as the book would have a tendency to fly forward. not to mention the bike getting out of control.

thankfully, the bike didn't so much as waver in the slightest. i did freak out a nearby rickshaw driver though.

i really wonder where that reflex came from. because it certainly wasn't from the need for self preservation.


DILLIGAF said...

'Glasshopper...when you can remove this pebble flom my hand you will be expert in Kung Fu'...;-)

CRD said...

if that book belonged to mich, i wouldn't be surprised at the miracle u pulled off...if he/she loved that book, then this was probably a miniscule risk compared to what you cud have faced with a tattered book in tow in front of mich:P


krist0ph3r said...

@4d will i also be a panda?

@crd mich is a she. check her blog out, it's awesome. and the book was my birthday present. something named "101 speeches that changed the world". my birthday was in august. and i was taking it home out of respect for whoever gave it to me (the other alternative, the trashcan, seemed kinda disrespectful and all) :D

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