Friday, April 02, 2010

happy good friday

n is my friend from office, k is (as usual) me...conversation at 10pm yesterday, in office after the maundy thursday service :)

n: so, all set to enjoy the long weekend?
k: ummm...not's more of a religious thing...
n: it's some sort of feast right?
k: well not exactly a "feast". just some very religous days. the last 3 days of jesus' life. we go to church and stuff. i was in church just now for like the last 2 hours. i'll be in church for like half of tomorrow.
n: oh, so what do you do in actually pray for so long?
k: no, we don't just's sorta a re-enactment of jesus' last 3 days.
n: like a play?
k: no, not a play. just some symbolic stuff. like today we had the last supper and washing of the feet.
n: okay, but there is some feast right?
k: yeah, that's easter. on sunday, when jesus came back to life.
n: he came back to life?
k: yeah, pretty much so.
n: and he's still alive?
k: yeah, he stayed around for a few weeks or months and then went to heaven.
n: so did he just come off the cross?
k: oh no...he died and he was buried and stuff, and he came back to life after 3 days.
n: wow, he dug himself out?
k: okay, sorry, he wasn't exactly buried. he was put in something like a coffin and put in a cave.
n: they just left him in a cave?
k: oh no, it was actually a tomb that was like a cave. they closed it with a huge stone and all.
n: so what did he do?
k: he came to life and rolled aside the stone and waited for his disciples to come to see him.
n: wow, he came out of the coffin and opened the cave by himself?
k: yeah he did...
n: *incredulously* wow, really!!!
k: *shrugs* it's what we believe in.
n: cool!!!

ps: reproduced (and probably slightly altered in the process) without permission :D


Scribbles! said...

I like n's a child listening to a superman story...the amazement :)

anyway Happy Easter...!

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Deeseelicious said...

Hahahahhaha. That was funny.


it's possible it's selective memory, but this week feels like the first time in my life i'm in this weird sort of general physic...