Wednesday, November 18, 2009

multi-polar disorder

there's the joker kris, who pokes fun of everyone and anyone.

there's the butt of all jokes kris who only makes his appearance with a few friends who know him well enough to not be scared of him taking their case in return.

there's the emo kris, that only a few women know about, since he calls them up once a couple of weeks to cry on the phone.

there's the reading kris, who would rather shut himself in a book than talk (he hasn't made an appearance for over 5 years now).

there's the shy kris, who people suspect exist, but most haven't seen. he's been awol since 1999, cos everytime he tries to make an appearance, the kris' shout him down.

(quoted from a mail i sent someone - been lying in my blog drafts for 8 months now!!!)

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DILLIGAF said...

...and then there's the real Kris. An amalgamation of them all mate.

'n I reckon he's a good egg 'n all.

I know there's nowt wrong with being a bit me someone to talk to....;-)

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