Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear diary (or the futility of all human relationships)

I had an awesome day today. Slept well, had a good breakfast, a long ride across the length of the city, an awesome lunch with great company, an evening on marine drive that flew by faster than i could catch it, night in bandra having a great time with nicky, followed by a ride home, a dinner of steamed fish while watching my first ever blu-ray movie (the ugly truth, for the record - nice movie!). And now i'm in bed with the lights out.

and suddenly everything seems to fall apart.

i'm sick of this. Of things that are perfect, things that are kinda awesome, things that are fucked up.

why does everything have to be either sweet, bitter-sweet, or bitter? Why should everyone leave this sickening taste at the back of my mouth?

on awesome days like this one, i await the blank loneliness of the void.

good night, diary!


RandomGyan said...

if everything was always the same, it would get boring as hell. no?

Unless, if everything was awesome. Then yeah, i could never tire of that :)

DILLIGAF said...

My favourite quote seems somehow apt here.

Grant Naylor (Red Dwarf).

"You live you die. The bit in between is called life. Enjoy"

Works for me.

Take care old bean.

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