Sunday, February 08, 2009

thief with a conscience

i'm a careless guy. i'm a lazy guy. i'm also a complete klutz with tiny locks and keys in constrained places.

i went to inorbit yesterday evening. went to hypercity after that too. didn't lock my helmet (despite having a helmet lock).

no prizes for guessing what happened.

okay, that's only because i'm also cheap.

someone stole my 1-year old helmet. it all it's scratched, sweaty glory. yesh, i'm bald, which means the helmet is what stinks of sweat at the end of the day, instead of my hair. can't blame him for not knowing.

better than that: the guy who stole it gave me his own (hopefully) helmet. so that i didn't have to hide from the cops on my way home, or worse still, get caught in an unprotected accident.

best of all: that guy probably can't use my helmet either. my helmet fits snugly on my head, while his was so loose it would have flown off (even with the buckle on) if i hit a good bump at a decent speed. yesh, that loose. so his head is eother 20% huger than mine, or he's been riding with a floating helmet for atleast a couple of years.

i hope no one steals my new helmet tomorrow :D


Winnie the poohi said...


It was about time you change it then.. buy a new one.. :D

Winnie the poohi said...

btw an award for ya :P

Jadis said...

Talk about blessings in disguise.


-dies laughing-

Princess Fiona said...

u never mentioned how his helmet smelled :P

Pallav said...

be glad he didn't unscrew the rearview mirrors with the helmet ;)
i got the left mirror of my bike stolen once :( which sucked, so i took off the right mirror too and been riding mirrorless ever since :P


Deeseelicious said...

Wow... thieves, these days, have a heart after all.

The Preacherman said...

A thief with a big helmet eh?

Just look out for a bloke with a bandy legged girlfriend ;-)

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