Sunday, February 08, 2009

live tweeting #FAIL!!!

these days a lot of the twitterati have been dabbling in things like live tweeting from events, possibly thanks to all the media attention twittter has been getting as a "news medium".

well, don't jump the gun already. it's very easy to mess it up. like a couple of days ago, when a friend decided to live tweet an event (leverage 2009 at iim-a):

(tweets have been reversed from their twitter order so that you can read from top to down. t-xx means xx minutes ago. :))

t-21: top ten mistakes by Entrepreneurs - Mohanjit Jolly - Leverage 2009 #leverage09
t-20: 1. Attention Span: Elevator Pitch - 1 min, 2-10-20 rule, VC - A.D.D.
t-18: the 2-10-20 rule: 2 page pitch, 10 slide ppt, 20 page business plan. Stick to this.
t-17: live #leverage09 -
t-16: 2. Poor positioning: Solutions of tech looking for a prob. Cancer drug vs vitamin. Always ask "so what"
t-15: 3. Lack of Focus: "Swiss army knife" plans. Bowling pin --> Phases #leverage09
t-14: stay extremely focus. Its ok to have a bowling pin plan, but know which is the target pin. #leverage09
t-13: stay laser focused. Mohanjit Jolly at Leverage 2009 - IIM Ahmedabad
t-13: 4. Addressable Market: top down vs bottom's up. Logical growth rate [Excel Dilemma] #leverage09
t-12: follow me to get live updates from VC and Private Equity Conference at IIM Ahmedabad - Leverage 2009 #leverage09
t-10: 5. No business "Cockpit Gauges": What are the top 3 drivers or metrics of your business?
t-08: 6.Unclear Busines Model:Hw wil u make money?ur path to profitability.Oblivious to sell + budget cycles.Oblivious to adop~n/imple~n timetable
t-03: 7.poor or incomplete comp analysis: you always have comp. not defensible. or even distinguishable.
t-02: 1-3-9 rule. if you hear 1 person talking of something, probably 3 people are doing it. 3 people talking abt.arnd 9 ppl doing it #leverage09

lesson to be learned: don't focus on capturing powerpoint slide titles, try to get meaningful soundbites instead. if the content is too complex to do this, consider live blogging instead. most people can tolerate a 20 minute delay (unless you want to do multi-posts at the event, which i wouldn't recommend anyway) till the talk gets over - as long as you capture the essence and give them some value to take away.


Winnie the poohi said...

What big deal about twitter.. i never lot attached to it somehow

The Preacherman said...

WTF is all that about old bean?

Being technologically inept I really haven't the foggiest.

It's probably safer that way....

krist0ph3r said...

oh well...twitter is a nice way to chillout and have conversations with intelligent people you don't know...kindof like a modern day slow-motion IRC with an IQ of the few places on the internet where it's not considered weird to befriend someone you don't know from adam :)

Asfaq Tapia said...

hahaha.. the last para makes you sound like one of those 'get rich quick on the internet' spammers who try to look rich and cool, by wearing suits, have big white (photoshopped) smiles and are holding their products in hand and looking at you!!


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