Thursday, August 28, 2008

dreaming of you

my phone periodically checks my gmail for me. today morning, sometime between my alarm going off and me actually dragging myself out of bed (or sometime between me first opening my eyes and actually waking - same thing), my phone rang its email tone. 3 new emails, it said.

i don't remember what were those mails (or even who sent them), i only remember that i read the first one before deleting it (deleting on my phone archives it in gmail).

i read the sender and the subject of the second one and *dreamed* about the content of the mail before deleting it.

the phone then fell out of my hand and onto my pillow, and i dreamed about who sent the third mail, what was the subject, and what was in the mail too.

and then, i opened my eyes, saw the phone on my pillow and wondered what the hell i just did...and when i realised it, i thought: "i must tell someone this!!!"

i still don't know what was in the second mail...i only know that those were good dreams :)

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