Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trust and carelessness

I often leave my wallet lying at my desk at work while i walk around, grab some coffee, or even attend meetings and have lunch. I guess that's trust (when everyone's earning better than you are, why would they bother with crime?)

Last night, i was feeling like taking the bike for a spin, and since i was wearing a pair of shorts, i put my wallet (which contained my license) in the dash, and rode off.

Guess where i found it today morning.

Same place. Same condition. Not a note or credit card touched. And this is in broad daylight, in front of the entrance to my apartment. And my wallet was loaded (a few lacs counting my cards, a few thousand in cash!). If the guy who washes my bike every morning had taken it, it'd probably cover his lifetime's income :D

I guess the people who passed it are either completely trustworthy or blind :P

1 comment:

Wd said...

I vote trustworthy.

or scared could be an option too.

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