Friday, May 18, 2007

twisted communication (a.k.a. comunication underload part 2)

last night, over dinner, a friend of mine expressed his disappointment that i've gone back to replying to mails on my mca class' yahoo community (yeah, i know, i know, old habits die hard ;) )

anyway, he made this statement that if he was a moderator of the community, he'd have banned me from it by now. now i know that my replies can get irritating, but it's a fact that i do post useful information on the community - more information than some of my other classmates, who are usually engrossed in mindlessly forwarding their entire inboxes to the group.

to prove my point, i mentioned a mail that he had sent out yesterday. it was some link to a wikpedia article, that he claimed was interesting. i replied with a few more links that i felt were more interesting. it sparked off a debate, a few people read all the posted links, etc. so that does mean i'm doing something good on the community, right?

according to my friend, wrong.

his reply left me speechless: "replies do not contain information. if a message is a reply, it is useless, no matter what the content"

so here's my net learning from that conversation:

"anything said by bhargav does not contain information. if bhargav says something, it is useless, no matter what it is that he's said"


RandomGyan said...

Good then that I am the moderator of the group and not this friend :)

we love ur replies here man. Keep them coming and feel free to initiate MORE and MORE emails as and when u see fit (or are plain bored with nothing else to do!)

krist0ph3r said...

yeah man...i know...some people just don't realise the value of communication and keeping in touch...i guess someday they'll be doomed to live a lonely life in a world that's overflowing with people...pity them.

Mitzy said...

i liked that reply hahahaha

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