Sunday, May 27, 2007

an empty home

there was a time, not very long ago (5 months ago to be precise), when an empty home was such a fun meant i could blast any music i wanted, at any volume i felt like (which usually means floor vibrating/chairs moving around volume), raid the fridge without having to explain why i'm hungry and why something more wholesome wouldn't do, etc (i'm not gonna elaborate ;) )

these days it's the exact other way round. nowadays, i find an empty home depressing...i'd rather have my parents around. of course, since i'm only home on weekends, they don't protest the volume as much as they used to, and they stockpile goodies for me too :)

ditto for my place in pune...i'd rather work late and come home after atleast one of my roomies, instead of coming home and sitting around all alone. i guess that's what living away from home does to you. and i guess that's why it's gonna be a long time (if ever) before i decide to let work take me far from home.

wonder if it has to be that way though? many of my friends do live alone or away from home. i'd love to hear your thoughts, and especially how you manage :)

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