Wednesday, October 26, 2016


(guest post by shruti)

Some recent developments have made me think deeper about how we humans spend our lives in pursuit of things we think will make us happy. 

My aunt, closest of the seven siblings to my mom, was detected with a deadly disorder. I'll call it disorder because it has led to complete disorder and disarray of life for people around her and for her body within. It is eating her up slowly and crept up sneaking from somewhere in the dark without any warning. I'll be getting married in two months. So between office, wedding preps and arranging our new haven I also spend time with my aunt at the hospital. Here I am excited to step forward towards my new journey and here is a close kin of mine fighting to maintain her status quo.

I never knew such news could deeply affect me or move me but when anyone who hears about her case says chances are subnormal I cannot hold back a flood of melancholic emotions run by my mind. You realise the futility of pursuit in life. Pursuit of material pleasures, pursuit of success, even pursuit of happiness. Everything is so overrated. Life is overrated. No matter what you do, nature will always have the last laugh. God would be laughing at our plans, smiling at our naivety. I love making plans, thinking constantly of the future. But today I realised the futility of this micromanagement of my life. One abrupt turn can change the course of my life.

Today, I also realised the importance of communication. One of the reasons for me writing this post. Communicating your feelings to the people around you. Letting them know that you love them. Communicating the pain you feel for them. Crying alone for someone won't help them ease their pain but crying with them will. Life is but a fleeting moment. And it is true that nothing lasts forever.

Let your loved ones know that you love them. Hug them, praise them and make them smile everyday. Also make some changes in your own homes. Make it warm, livable and de-clutter.


Unknown said...

It is true that we never communicate our feelings openly. Well, the reason probably is that the emotions are not reciprocated in a similar fashion, usually. So, most of us communicate our feelings not vocally, but by doing something that's warm to the person. That doesn't always work either. For instance, if I tell my mom that I do love her and offer to clean utensils for the night, boy would I hav a rebellion at hand! Yah, you can say, reign in and do it nevertheless.
Did that, doesn't work.
Yah, but get her a saree this diwali and she will wake you up at 7AM to show you, she liked it very much.

We're not cultured that way. But I agree with your sentiments totally. Those three words never get said.

And yah, life is unpredictable. That's why they tell us to hav the desserts first. :)

krist0ph3r said...

haha, i'm lucky... my mom is happier with dishes than sarees. wonder what shruti's mom is like ;)

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