Monday, January 13, 2014

i wish

yesterday, a friend and I rode under a railway bridge, while a train passed over it. make a wish, she said.

i was stunned for a few seconds before i could react. not because I didn't know about this "make a wish below a train" thing (which i actually didn't), but because I don't do wishes.

I believe the universe balances itself, and i believe that we directly influence the universe with our thoughts. that wishes come true. and so, when i make a wish that actually comes true, I have influenced the universe in other, unexpected ways too. and i don't want that. I want the universe to be in control of itself, and me to be in control of myself. anything else simply complicates stuff.

also, what do you wish for when you have the capacity to give yourself everything you want, and the universe gives you everything you need?

I don't do wishes.

1 comment:

Ashwin D'Souza said...

I'd wish no one decided to take a crap at that instance if it were an outstation train..

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