Saturday, September 07, 2013

random thoughts

my truest thoughts usually fit in 140 characters. here's a few that i had saved up for later:

on trying to figure how we solve the problem of rape:
"we can't solve one problem without solving the rest. we can, however, takes steps that bring us closer to one or more solutions :)"

on having completed a productive, but sleep-deprived day at work:
"the ability of the human body to gracefully degrade under adverse conditions fascinates me :)"

late night thought:
"not giving up on people, because some people have not given up on me, well beyond when they should have. i'm just spreading the karma."

when someone privately messaged that i should ignore people who diss my oversharing of pictures on facebook:
"haters gonna hate. but when someone tells me my facebook posts help them virtually live a life they'd love to but can't, i know i'm doing it right."

inspired by a discussion about my brother:
"you see, acting macho doesn't build trust at all. for that, you have to appear more real than most people will admit to themselves."

thinking about a muse:
"you didn't make me smile. I made myself smile. all I needed was a person that I could pretend was responsible."

not sure when, or why. but i think it applies nevertheless:
"my life may not seem perfect, but it is so :)"

every evening, when getting home:
"I get a creepy feeling every time I'm getting home from work and pass the electric crematorium. there's always a cloud of bluish smoke."

on learning a group of friends have decided to cut themselves off from me:
"after a few strange experiences, I'm wary of inviting myself into plans, even when everyone involved are friends. better lonely than sour."

one weekday morning, when everyone around was complaining about their jobs:
"to me, work is just like a relationship. 20% compatibility, 80% commitment. but then again, either my work and relationship philosophy is good, or I'm luckier than i imagine myself to be :)"

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