Tuesday, July 09, 2013

the weekly grind

strange as it may sound, i like routine when it involves things i enjoy doing. just like may was the month of breakfast rides and watching movies alone, the last month has turned into the month of treks (with a ride, if the numbers make it feasible).

3 weeks in a row, and it's actually an established routine.

on wednesday we start gauging interest in a trek this weekend. figure who's free on saturday, sunday, and both. the date is the first thing to be fixed. a whatsapp group is created with people who are interested.

until 1-2 days before the trek, we then engage in mindless banter, with random breaks into where should we go, etc.

the afternoon before the trek, we fix the destination, the mode(s) of travel, contingency plan in case people back out/oversleep etc.

the evening before the trek, we determine the menu and the timings.

the morning of the trek... we head out and trek!

it's a grueling schedule, but it's totally worth it. i realize i've never pursued the things i love as passionately and relentlessly as i have this year. i'm so grateful that i have cooperative (nay, forgiving!) parents, and a 5 day work schedule :D

it's a routine of awesomeness i probably can't tire of.

so far it's been:

1. night ride to lonavla

2. off-road ride to rajmachi (turned back halfway, but not for want of trying!)

3. trek to kothaligad

4. ride to kalote waterfalls

5. ride + trek to garbut point

next weekend is the last (somewhat) free weekend. probably another trek + ride. then comes 16 days of riding to/from/in ladakh - and then... i'll probably know the wednesday after i'm back :D

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