Monday, August 01, 2011

trekking in goa

this dream happened over 2 months ago - 19th may. thankfully my faved tweets (this, this and this) and a couple of narrations of this dream have kept it fresh in my head

there were 4 of us. me, dennis, and two girls i don't recognize (yes, i actually dreamed of people i don't know. strange but true). in the dream, i knew the girls too.

so we were at the top of the hill, in a slightly wooded area. there was a mossy, musty room that we had to pass through. and once we were out, it was just a cliff, and a drop straight down, into a rocky stream that was barely knee deep.

i was the first to step out of the room.

i stood at the edge of the cliff. i couldn't see a way to get down. and i was really scared of the height. one of the girls exited the room and was a few metres away from me.

she told me i could jump, the water was deep enough. but i was scared. i wanted to go back.

just then, a baby tiger jumped off a ledge that was behind me and onto my back. i was pushed off the cliff. i screamed as i fell.

and landed in the knee-deep rocky stream on my feet.

and somehow, when i looked back, what looked like a 100 foot was barely 20 or 30 feet high.

the girl jumped too, and landed safely. we crossed the stream and sat on a few dry rocks while dennis and the other girl got down.

we made small talk that i can't remember.

meanwhile, dennis and the other girl reached us. we looked around.

strangely enough, i can only remember what was on 3 sides of what i saw.

so we sat there, and watched the sun set behind the lake and the village. and then realized we didn't have any torches, and had to get to the village before dark. and dennis and i were craving a beer after the "trek" (that's what we called it in the dream, btw!).

thankfully, the lake was barely waist-deep too, and we splashed across as it got dark.

and that's when the dream ended :)

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