Friday, January 07, 2011

it's personal

yesterday, i wasn't really in a hurry to get home, so i was riding slowly. this was the road just behind my office, which is rather vehicle-free (albeit rough in patches).

keeping an eye on the rearview, i noticed a scooter approaching quickly from behind. stuck to the median (i was already near the right) while it zoomed past.

the young woman who was riding pillion took a long look at me, and slowly, deliberately, extended her arm towards me and gave me the finger.

i sped up a bit and tailed it from a few metres away (it was a scooter after all), and watched her then deliberately extend her other arm, and stick out her finger, and then wave both of them, making some sort of flying motion with her arms as she did so.

i went back to my slow cruising and put some distance between us.

the scooter went another way (a shorter, bumpier route) while i went mine, and our paths met again two intersections ahead.

this time she kept her arms to herself, but smiled at me as i zoomed past.

i really wonder what she wanted me to think.

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