Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the best of 2010

as the year draws to a close, and i spend a bored afternoon reading back my old blog posts, i'm drawn back into the year that was.

some of these posts are stories from my life, the rest of them were just inspired by it.

but i can say one thing for sure, some of them are better than others. in the sense that i'd love you to read them, and hopefully tell me what you think.

so here's my list, in reverse chronological order:

the nonchalance of being alive
my first mp3
feverish thoughts
my big daddy
happy birthday
a night well spent
it's not okay.
the ghost
the perfect person
the loss of a dear one
happy good friday
residual awesomeness

and this one just about spills into 2009, but is about something that affected my 2010 to a large extent:

the indifferent happiness

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