Tuesday, March 09, 2010

divergent reality

last sunday, i happened to be passing through bandra at an earthly hour (namely, late morning), and so i decided to pay grandma a visit. unfortunately for me, i was rather exhausted, and dropped off to sleep within an hour or two.

i then woke up, went out without her noticing, met a couple of friends who happened to be lunching nearby, grabbed a bite myself, came back, and then announced that i'm now tired *AND* stuffed, and went back to sleep.

and woke up half an hour later.

and realized it was all a dream.

except that i'm still not sure if it was. or maybe that was reality, and i'm dreaming now. or maybe i fell asleep and haven't woken yet.


Deeseelicious said...

What the Hell are u Smoking Kid ?
PLease pass me some of that Shite...

krist0ph3r said...

i'm smoking good ol' bombay pollution. you can have some too...it's free!!! :D

Karishma Sundaram said...

Blog award for your awesome bloggy-ness!!! :-)


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