Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dying by degrees

Everyone warns me about things i should take care of. Things that could ruin my life, or even end it.

You know what? That's not gonna happen.

That 15 hour solo bike ride isn't gonna do me any harm. That slice of chocolate cake isn't gonna put me into a coma.

What's gonna kill me are the little things. Things that kill me bit by bit, day by day. The wasted days. The things i should've done. The people i should have cared about. The rotten apples i should've thrown away. They are what's killing me.

And somehow it feels like i'm the only one who sees them.


Pallav said...

You gotta bite back on the little things. It's never too late to do people or care about things. Eat the rotten apples. Make madness your fuel for life.

And keep flirting with chicks on twitter! You naughty bugger you! :P

Rock on bro!


Wd said...


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