Tuesday, August 04, 2009

the dream

i had an awesome dream two nights ago. awesome, mainly because i can still remember it in such detail. since such moments are to be chronicled, i shall do the honours now.

scene: we're in a truck (the sort that are covered with tarp on the top, open at the sides). it's a moonlit night. it's raining lightly outside, but everything's dripping wet. we were being driven through rough terrain, a mud track cutting through a dense, hilly jungle.

by we, i mean me and my dad.

we're at gunpoint, by half a dozen armed men. the truck feels like an army truck though, olive green with camouflage, huge tires and all. they're talking about crossing the border of an unnamed country, the one we were currently in.

the men knew it's pointless for us to try and escape, so they gave me a gun to play with. one bullet inside the gun.

i point it at our captors, cock and uncock it, point it at dad, just like that.

suddenly, a jeep pulls up behind us, from somewhere outside the path. again, looks like an army vehicle. two people in it, a driver and a commando with a machine gun.

the commando starts firing at the tires. hits one.

i take aim, fire at the driver's head through his windscreen.

the bullet bounces off the glass.

the commando hits another tire. the truck loses control, skids into a hillock, and tips over in slow motion.

dad and i jump off the back, straight into the line of the machine gun fire.

the firing had stopped.

dad and i scrambled off the path and uphill into the trees, tripping through the sludge. our captors were more concerned with their upturned truck than us.

we suddenly heard machine gun chatter again, and a huge boom and a bright flash of light. we couldn't see what just exploded, the jeep or the truck. or both.

i was glad i could open my eyes, get out of bed and go to work on that monday morning.

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rahul said...

you are a brave man .i appriciate you.
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