Friday, December 12, 2008

in command

strange as it may sound, it's fun being commando. probably not while wearing jeans or whatever, but maybe while chilling out in shorts or tracks. i roam around my colony commando all the time, but i've always kept it a secret, thinking i was the only one with this quirk and that people may think i'm a weirdo.

that was till a few weeks ago. my friend asked if i wanted to step out (sometime around midnight) for a short drive.

we drove around the colony, tried to follow a hottie who fell flat on her face while walking on the road (in the hope of getting a good look at her face and finding out where she lives...yes, all men love doing that :P), and finally ran out of things to do. my friend then suggested we drop in at his brother's place - apparently he was having some sort of house party.

i protested: i'm not dressed up for a party (i was wearing shorts and a faded tee)

he countered that he was dressed as badly as i was.

i protested: we'll get late, i have work tomorrow.

he countered that he had to report to work 3 hours before i did.

after a great deal of hesitation, i finally told him:

"but dude, i'm commando!!!"

apparently, so was he.

the party was fun, but i didn't dare dance...and i had to be very very careful while kissing the birthday girl ;)

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Winnie the poohi said...

had fun i see! I was house hunting :P :P

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