Saturday, June 07, 2008

extreme multitasking

today was one of the weirdest evenings out i've ever had yet. it satarted out fairly simple, with only one complication, and then turned into something else altogether.

disclaimer: too many people involved to assign alphabets, so i shall use real names for once :P, and just pretend that they're not real. maybe i swapped some names around or something. use your imagination.

the situation:

vane, yorick and i have been trying to meet up for a while but we've never quite managed to all be free at the same time and place for a sizable amount of time...till this weekend.

apoorv's birthday is coming up, and he's not going to be around on the actual day, so we need to celebrate it in advance. weekdays are extremely dicey since people all work random timings (the much-disguised curse of flexi-timings :P). hence, saturday night was chosen.

my bike has conked off in my office parking lot, and i need to get it working asap. the mechanic is only free on saturday evening or next week.

my amazing scheduling decision:

schedule everything at the (almost) same time and place. bike guy at 6:30pm in my office parking lot, apoorv's birthday celebration and catching up with vane and yorick at jughead's at 8pm in malad, about 10 minutes away.

the way it actualy turned out: the mechanic was early, apoorv preponed everything by an hour, yorick was late, and...5 of yorick's friends decided to turn up too!!!

there were some pretty funny moments, like when yorick had to reserve two different tables at the same place (they guy at the counter was like: "didn't you just book a table? what are you trying to do here?") and when i would hop from table to table, and when we sneaked all the people (one at a time, so the manager didn't notice) from one table to another to avoid the wait time for a new table (thankfully the waiting queue was out of sight from where we were sitting :D)

lesson learned:

please don't do this again...unless...hmmm...okay, no lesson learned. it was fun!!!

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