Friday, May 16, 2008

baffled by technology

the other day, i was in a mall's restroom, happily going about my business, when i noticed something very funny: a guy in the next line of urinals was apparently scared of automatic flushes. he spent a few minutes stepping left and right from urinal to urinal, only to find that each one started flushing the moment he stood in front of it.

eventually biological necessities overtook his paranoia...but it was funny to watch indeed!!!

oh and the automatic flushes in my office are so weird, they *all* turn on together the moment someone steps in front of one of them :P


CRD said...

oh what a waste of water...not the yelow one [:P]

funny post :P

btw the owner of the bloggeratti was me who was adding u as a frnd on orkut, but cudnt introduce myself since uve disable unknow ppl from scrapping u.sorry im using ur blog to converse...had no choice :P

keep writing

Anonymous said...

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