Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the morning show

the title of this post seems rather perverted to my (very) perverted imagination. i assure you the rest of this post is not ;)

today was an unexpected holiday. no one at work mentioned it till yesterday evening (that too at 5pm, just before we finished for the day). none of my friends working in other companies had a holiday either. now this kind of holiday isn't quite as good as it sounds, because it means you can either hang out with your office buddies, or sit (or sleep :D) at home. anyway, i'm still getting to know the folks at my new office, so i thought it would be a nice idea to hang out with them a bit...and they seem to be pretty cool, and they get cooler by the day :)

end result: i go for a movie at 10:15 am. in a sense, i didn't have much choice as these were my last set of friends who hadn't seen the transformers, cos i missed catching the movie on atleast 3 occasions.

today was the first time i went for the morning show of a movie. it was a surprisingly nice experience. i guess there's something about the whole idea of waking up slightly later than usual (but not 11am, weekend-style :P), and having popcorn for breakfast while enjoying a movie while i'm absolutely fresh and awake. oh and morning shows cost half as much...yayyy!!! and the best part is, you can have lunch right after the movie too. lunch usually takes me atleast an hour (i'm good at spending time over nothing, especially when i'm with certain friends :)). so then, that takes pretty much most of the boredom out of the holiday :D

the only problem left is finding enough holidays. and that's quite a problem, unless i start waking up at 9am on weekends. and manage atleast one or two of my friends to do so too. and get them to actually wake up. i guess it's worth it.

i guess everything except drinking and dancing feel better when done in the morning ;)

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Gandalf said...

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