Friday, April 27, 2007

cellphone virus

today i got this very funny mail from my MCA classmate:

Hi All,
Its very important news for all of you. Do not pick up calls from the Under given numbers.


These numbers will come in red color, if the call comes up from these numbers. Its with very high wave length, and frequency. If a call is received on mobile from these numbers, it creates a very high frequency and it causes brain hamrrage. It's not a joke rather, it's TRUE. 27 persons died just on receiving calls from these numbers. Watch Aaj Tak (NEWS), DD News and IBN 7.

Forward this message to all u'r friends and colleagues, and relatives.

reply-freak that i am, i couldn't help sending this mail in response:

if you get a call from 9833511193, please do not answer it. it's a very dangerous virus. it's called kristopher and is a cellphone virus. after you answer the call, you will have to listen to a half an hour lecture about how gullible you are and how you should not believe anything you hear before verifying the facts. you will also have to listen to a very emotional lecture about how people don't think anymore, and how even MCA students who have (hopefully) studied wireless technology do not have the intelligence to realise that such a thing is not possible. in such a situation, please do not say that "i was bored and forwarded it for timepass", or anything similar, because that will trigger off a hidden payload in the virus which will cause it to make a hypersonic wave through the cellular network, which will cause the phone to explode and kill atleast 10 people in the radius, and cause permanent brain damage to people within a 20 km radius of the phone.

this is real. it was on the news. 45 people died in the past 30 minutes. it was in the times of india, dna, mid day and hindustan times. it was also on aaj tak, ndtv, dd news and cnbc. nokia has confirmed that this threat is real and is trying to make a fix for it. the fix is applicable as a special 'brain patch' to be worn over the head. this brain patch will prevent all radiation, but it will also block all sounds too. executives at sony-ericsson were unavailable for comment.

feel free to put your name and number in place of mine and use it on unsuspecting/naive/mentally challenged acquaintances of yours who send you similar mails :)

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