Saturday, May 18, 2013

change me, may-be?

may has been a month of unplanned (but desirable) changes. so far, three:
  1. joined a gym. took a three year membership. no excuses for the next three years (or so i imagined)
  2. after a year's break, got back to watching morning shows of movies. alone. also helps that i get two heavily discounted tickets every month ;)
  3. bike trips. mostly breakfast rides.
the only thing left to do is cut some cruft out of my life to make room. currently the only thing i've ended up skimping on is sleep. which is a terrible thing, really!


Alethea said...

Try to watch a football match, maybe?

krist0ph3r said...

you missed the "but desirable" part :P

if i get any free time, i might as well read :)

Scribbles! said...

3 yr gym membership! woah!

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