Saturday, June 02, 2012

petrichor dreams

like every year, i've been waiting eagerly for the rains to begin. this time, more than ever, because i have decided a *LOT* of riding and trekking shall be done.

anyway. the rains have finally made their appearance after playing hide-and-seek with me for over a week (it rained in karnataka the *DAY* I left... last week!)

I was in IC church. evening mass. with Sinatra and her two friends who I don't know. mass got over, and sin and i were leaving. I asked sin about this one friend of hers who had added me on foursquare, and who I in turn added on facebook. i had never met the girl though. sin was surprised I didn't know her. apparently she was some friend's cousin.

while we were walking out through the use parking lot, her friends started playing tag like kids. We walked to where I had parked my cycle. she thought I had brought my bike! I told her I'll reach her on my cycle. it's been years since anyone has sat double-bar, so getting on was quite tricky for both of us. i thought I'd reach her to the nearest ric, but she wanted me to reach her till orlem on my cycle! at the slow rate i was going, i figured it'd take forever... so i bucked up a bit. we picked up a bit of speed downhill, and that's when it started drizzling, and then raining.

we rode into this low-lying area after the slope that was slightly flooded with muck-brown rainwater. that's when i decided we shouldn't be cycling in this weather. took a u-turn and went to the nearest shelter, a tarp over a panwallah.

sin brought a cigarette. i told her to buy one for me too.

the petrichor was overwhelming. as we took shelter under the tarp.

that's when i woke up and realized it was raining outside. and the scent carried into my dream :)

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