Monday, October 17, 2011

matryoshka dreams

(you may have noticed that i haven't blogged in a while. nothing specific, just laziness and inertia, i assure you!)

saturday, september 17:

satej, a friend of his (who i didn't recognize), and i were on our way to matheran. i was on my bike, and satej and his friend were riding a scooter.

we passed through lush green fields, riding on dirt tracks that bordered each plot, until the terrain changed and we started riding uphill.

the way to matheran was without cliffs and winding roads, though. instead, there was a road that zig-zagged up a mountainside, and the slopes were covered with a canopy of broad, leafy trees.

satej and his friend rode ahead, while i was a couple of minutes behind.

all of a sudden, the brakes failed on my bike. immediately afterward, the right side handle of my bike just snapped off.

thankfully, i was going uphill, and managed to stop without any mishap.

i managed to fit the handle back together, but it was rather precariously attached, and i had to be very careful not to make any sudden movements, and hold it together while riding.

i reached a small village on the way (it was more like a cluster of shops and small eateries), and decided to stop and scout around for help. but satej's phone was unreachable.

i figured i'll haveto keep riding all the way to the top before i'd find him.

and that's when i woke up, in bed, at home. it's around 9am.

i was relieved that it was all just a dream. but it seemed very real! so i quickly dressed and went downstairs.

the bike was parked in its usual spot, but the brakes were broken. and the handle came off when i tugged at it.

i went home and called the mechanic. his phone was busy on another call. i was feeling lazy, and got back into bed.

i called again a while later. he answered and said he'll come over to collect the bike in a few minutes.

i fell asleep waiting.

i woke up at 2pm.

turns out everything so far was a dream, and i was late for the kingfisher beerup (which was supposed to start at 10am in bandra. panicked, jumped out of bed, started getting ready. but then i realized i'm already too late. went back to bed, fully dressed.

next thing i realized, i'm awake, with my phone in my hand.

it's 9am.

and it's still the morning of kingfisher beerup!

ps: kingfisher beerup was the day when kingfisher took us on a nice bus ride to their brewery, with chilled beers and snacks handed out all the way, a hearty lunch, a tour of the brewery, more beers on the way back to bandra, and then an evening of pizza and beer...all sponsored by kingfisher! no wonder i dreamed about it. thankfully, i made it *on time* too :D


pennylessnick said...

And you decided NOT to post the pictures ?

krist0ph3r said...

i didn't click any pictures! oh wait, just one. let me find it and add here!

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